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We are a company with a long poultry tradition. Three generations have worked to reach this moment. In the year 1.953 the activity begins and it is in the year 1.994 when the company AVICOLA OLIVARES, S.L. is born. Founded as a family company, it has known how to position itself in the market thanks to the excellent quality of the set of its products. Our distinctive signs are the fidelity to the tradition, the adaptation to the new necessities of the market, the quality and, above all, the unmistakable flavor.

The quality of the products of AVICOLA OLIVARES, S.L. is guaranteed thanks to a strict elaboration process. We are clearly committed to quality and technological advances without renouncing tradition, which is our hallmark and our raison d'être.

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more than 73Grs.

Case ten



from 63 to 73 Grs.

Dozen box



from 53 to 63 Grs.

Dozen box

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